Coast Miwok History Kit

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(*Coast Miwok Kit ARTIFACTS pictured above: sample of six Incised Gambling Sticks * sample of Counting sticks - 10 per set * Pump Drill * Square Stern Tule Boat * Leather Buzzer * Contemporary Tule Doll * Rabbit Skin)

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This kit for elementary school students focuses on community. Students participate in a variety of writing and creative arts and crafts projects to make this study come alive. They practice the skill of visualization before participating in a ceremony where they choose a Native American name. Students use the pump drill to drill holes in the clam shells in a lesson on body adornment. They also learn about native tattooing and body painting, and weaving a rabbit skin blanket. Drying fruit and learning to make acorn bread and Indian fry bread, students can orchestrate a special classroom celebration to honor their learning. The literature unit for this study is Island of the Blue Dolphins, a story of the clash between Native American and foreign cultures and of a young girl's fierce loyalty and independence.
(*other Coast Miwok Kit ARTIFACTS include: Acorn Top * Eight Traditional Tule Dolls * Shell Rattle * Bone Awl * Obsidian Arrowhead * Bull Roarer * Clapper * Soaproot Brush * Pine Needle Brush * Mussel Shells. PRINT MATERIALS include: Pamphlet: "The People of the Fair and Good Bay," by Sylvia Thalman and Don Thieler * Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'Dell * Teacher's Guide * Student Worksheets * Coast Miwok Indians of the Pt. Reye's Area, by Sylvia Barker-Thalman * Dawn of the World - Stories told by the Coast Miwok Indians * edited by Bonnie J. Peterson) 

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